DScape teams up with Forbo


DScape developed and hosts Forbo 360, a custom web application for Forbo Flooring NA that guides and supports the company’s end-to-end sales, installation and maintenance process.  


The application moves projects, salespeople, technical representatives and support staff through a series of stage gates and reviews – key steps in the complete business cycle.  Forbo 360 allows salespeople and relationship managers to check off key tasks & milestones and report on the completion of important technical preparations, helping Forbo professionals ensure that they’ve performed all the appropriate steps for each sales and installation project from start to finish.


The application provides an interactive arc and a series of check boxes and data entry fields in guiding users through best practices and key phases in the sales process, the installation process, training, support and long-term floor care for dealers and end-user customers.  


Forbo 360 starts with general project leads in the “front end” of the process, then walks Forbo professionals through each phase, allowing users to contact other Forbo staff for input and opinions along the way, sharing the project with them through email and the application’s interface.


The Forbo 360 application helps improve the quality and consistency of every step of the business cycle with the goal of boosting Forbo’s profile, dependability, reputation, profitability and overall performance.