Suit Up for Sales


Selling is a contact sport.  First, your sales and marketing teams need to be integrated in real time.  If your field sales people don’t have the latest promotions, don’t know how to use them or don’t know how your products solve your customers’ challenges, you’re missing opportunities. And your technology needs to keep up too.


Why mLearning is Easier Said than Done

Why mLearning is Easier Said than Done. eLearning, design, devices, mobility, learning, technology, LMS, learning management system, browser, iOS, Android, HTML5, interactivity, planning, analysis, clients, multi-tiered deployment, tech, mLearning


Mobile learning is all the rage.  Everybody wants to talk about it.  Every LMS says they rock it.  But how many companies have mastered it so far?  Not many.  Why?


Devices:  Which ones are your learners using?  Does your company provide them?  Do you need to support a range of devices and versions?   It matters.  Because HTML5 isn’t a single unified standard.  A current Mobile Safari browser on an iOS device delivers a different experience than your two-year-old Android users will get.